Bawarchi . Season 1

TV Series . 1972 . Not Rated . 130 min . Total Seasons 1

IMDb Rating : 8.0/10 3,861 Votes

Storyline : Squabbling Sharma family has a dubious reputation of not having any cook last there for more than a few months. Word spreads out about this family to such an extent that no person wants to be employed as a cook in this household, ironically named Shanti Nivas ("Abode of Peace"). Then one day a young man named Raghu offers to work as a cook and he is hired. Raghu quickly gets a grip on his job and on each of the family members, and soon their internal squabbles and arguments come to an end. And then the Sharmas find that Raghu might have been too good to be true.

Genres : Comedy, Musical, Drama

Starring : Rajesh Khanna, Jaya Bachchan, Usha Kiran

Episodes : 1

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